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Children Meditating

Teaching Mindfulness

A Program based on Holistic methods for aligning Mind, Body and Soul.



This practice introduces students into mindfulness and surrender. While in a meditated state the sub conscience acts as a sponge, absorbing all the benefits of the intention setting for each student. Meditation is relaxing and powerful.  The student's will start with a gentle meditation geared towards self-esteem building and self-love.

Kids Painting

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is both interactive and creative.  We use canvas as our medium so that the students can take home their very own piece of Art.  We begin the class with Intention Setting, so that the canvas can be filled with the student's vision of gratitude.

Yoga Class


Yoga is a moving mediation to align the body and soul.  Yoga offers the student a lifelong practice to strengthen their mind and body, while introducing the students to their soul purpose in life. Yoga means Unity.  

Children's Toys

Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals are teachers or messengers that come in the form of a animals, and has a personal relationship to the individual.  This intro to Spirit Animals will assign each student with their very own Animal.  Whenever in need of Strength, Focus or Peace, this Animal will help bring the balance.

Music Sheets

Music Therapy

Music therapy.  Chanting, to make melodic sounds with the voice. Chanting is also a form of internal medicine in that it is a very healing practice.  Students will learn different mantras to offer peace and love to themselves and others. Sound Healing through instruments to create the vibration for inner peace.

Topics & Activities Discussed

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