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Melissa "Missy" Babicka

Learn about our Founders and what they strive to accomplish in and out of the classroom.
Instructor, Founder - Empowering young children to work together through kindness and empathy for a better future.

Missy lives in Miami Beach, FL, with her husband Jonathan and her two children, Layla, age 7, and Prentice, age 4. Missy is known as the First Lady of the Little Lighthouse Foundation, a nonprofit that assists underserved children and their families throughout South Florida. When Missy is not volunteering with the Little Lighthouse Foundation at homeless shelters, hospitals, and youth centers, she can be found raising her two young children the importance of empathy and compassion. Through her volunteer work and teaching her young children, Missy noticed the importance of children understanding the meaning of empathy and compassion. Her goal is to teach children from all social and economic backgrounds better social skills and better the world by spreading and teaching Kindness to all.

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